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Valence 3.0.20120201.0 MAINTENANCE UPDATE

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  • Valence 3.0.20120201.0 MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    Version: 3.0.20120201.0 MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    Release Date:

    About this Maintenance Update:

    This is a maintenance update to Valence 3.0. You must already have a full install of Valence 3.0 on your IBM i and have an active maintenance plan with CNX before you can obtain and install this update. These release notes document what has been changed since build 3.0.20111111.0. However, this update contains all cumulative fixes since the first general release of Valence 3.0 at build 3.0.20110815.0.

    Installing this Maintenance Update:
    • Go to the downloads page to see what updates are available. If this update is superseded by another update it may no longer be available.
    • The download file is a self-extracting executable that should have an .exe extension. Some operating systems or virus protection software can strip the .exe extension from the file name when downloaded. If your downloaded file does not have an .exe extension, rename the file to put the .exe back.
    • Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install to your IBM i.
    • This release will install updates to library VALENCE30 and ifs path /valence-3.0.
    • The updater will update your base Valence instance and then if you have Valence Enterprise you can use the Instance Manager to update other Valence instances. The updater is only available for download if you have a maintenance plan with CNX.
    • This update is not compatible with any BETA version of Valence 3.0. Only general releases since build 3.0.20110815.0 are compatible with this maintenance update.

    Bug Fixes and Enhancements Since Build 3.0.20111111.0:
    • The language selector will no longer show on the login page when multilingual is turned off in Settings.
    • In Users maintenance the app-level authorization exceptions were not saving. This is now fixed.
    • Language literal crevateNewFolderIn was misspelled. Was fixed to be createNewFolderIn.
    • In VVCALL, if library list changed on an environment, a soft restart of the server instance (with RESTART(*HTTP)) would not cause the change to take effect because the environment id was still the same. VVCALL now forces the library list to be adjusted.
    • In VVCALL, sometimes the user profile was not switching if the previous session id was the same as the current session id even if the profile was switched back at the end of the previous call. This was fixed so the user profile switch always occurs when it should.
    • Apps maintenance was corrupting the list of back end RPG program names when program name was 10 characters. This was fixed.
    • vvOut_data was choking on null values (x'00'). vvUtility_encode will now replace this with x'40'.
    • vvOut.applySorters was not compatible with Ext JS 3 code. This is fixed.
    • Valence Touch portal was not compatible with functions. This is fixed.
    • Introduced new VVNAQ100 file that holds back end program names that require no App authorization to call through VVCALL. This is useful for globally accessed programs that do not pose a security risk so they do not need to be authorized individually on each App.
    • Improved record counting performance of vvOut_execSQLtoJson.

    If you need assistance in applying this maintenance release to your system contact