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  • Valence 6.1 BETA

    This is a placeholder for an upcoming limited release of Valence 6.1 BETA.

    New features in Valence 6.1:
    • NAB - Tree Grids: New widget acting as a hybrid of both a tree and a grid, fed by multiple data sources
    • NAB - Grids: Added "super column headers" configuration -- headings that span across the top of multiple columns
    • NAB - Grids: Moved "Reset Columns" right-click option to column heading row; Regular cells revert to standard right-click behavior
    • NAB - Edit Grids: fields in the edit window can now be arranged in a sequence that is independent of the main grid columns
    • NAB - Edit Grids: Adjusted styling so selected row stands out more clearly
    • NAB - Forms: Added ability to add tool tips to editable fields
    • NAB - Forms: Added ability to specify height on a text area field
    • NAB - Forms: Adjusted popup windows to allow access to all fields in underlying data source, instead of just the ones used in the form widget
    • NAB - Charts: Added series-specific behavior events for multi-series charts
    • NAB - Themes: Added more color options to better align with app icon color choices
    • NAB - Data Sources: Added a new back-end template for pre-execution programs (EXNABDS) that includes a mechanism for pulling in app variables
    • NAB - Export/Import: NAB now maintains a repository for all export save files with pertinent export info such as instance name, date, user, notes, etc.
    • NAB - General: Security section now applies feature names to each widget/section affected by Hide/Show directives, allowing for more refined control
    • NAB - General: When listing apps, tag filter now applies only to the app-level; All underlying widgets and data sources for an included app are now listed regardless of tag
    • Fusion5250: Added ability for sessions to detect a communications failure and gracefully attempt to reconnect without restarting the app
    • Spool File Viewer (also iAdmin): Added option to display spool files as PDFs, including support for AFPDS files
    • Portal Admin - Apps: Added tag support, mimicking functionality already in place for apps listed in NAB Designer
    • Portal Admin - Apps: Added ability to filter apps by category
    • Portal Admin - Users: Added tags and tag/group/environment filtering
    • Portal Admin - Environments: Added tags and tag filtering
    • Portal Admin - Groups: Added tags and tag/app/user filtering
    • Portal Admin - Web Services: Added tags and tag filtering
    • Portal - Login: Added "eyeball" toggle button in password field so users can optionally see the characters they're typing
    • Instance Manager: Added ability to make a back-end batch call to VVINSTMGR to update any instance to the latest build
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