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    Valence Framework 6.0.20211111 is now available. Changes in this build since the previous release are:
    • NAB - Grids: Corrected issue on download to Excel (non legacy) wherein the "Allow copy of row data" setting would cause download to fail
    • NAB - Edit Grids: Adjusted in-line row editor so that all widgets on the page are no longer refreshed on each update
    • NAB - Edit Grids: Corrected issue where graphic fields could become corrupted on certain character sequences
    • NAB - Pivot Grids: Corrected issue where column headings could show incorrect characters due to UTF decoding
    • NAB - Behaviors: SetAppVar action now checks for feature name and aborts if not enabled
    • NAB - Buttons: Adjusted so double-clicking on a button does not fire event multiple times
    • NAB - Buttons: Button text can now be changed dynamically via a app variable
    • NAB - Charts: Area/Bar/Column/Line charts can now be transformed at run time via an app variable
    • NAB - Charts: Line and Area charts can now be configured to have their markers hidden, or hidden on mouse hover
    • NAB - Filters: Adjusted combo box (drop down) logic to accommodate values containing single quotes
    • NAB - Filters: Added the ability to reset filters with an app variable (see related forum post)
    • NAB - Line/Area Charts: Add UI option to hide the markers and hide marker on hover (see related forum post)
    • NAB - Maps: Corrected issue where fresh Valence trial installations were receiving a "Request Denied" error message from the Google Maps API
    • NAB - Tiles: Corrected issue where load mask was showing even though tile was configured not to show a load mask
    • NAB - Timelines: Added new "mask on load" configuration option
    • NAB - Data Sources: added additional subquery support to SQL parser
    • NAB - General: Adjusted app load process to significantly improve performance
    • NAB - General: Combo boxes can now be configured as "starts with" (previously was limited to "contains")
    • NAB - General: (Mobile-specific) Combo boxes configured as "clearable" will now show the "X" icon
    • NAB - General: Added ability to fire events from the back-end in EXNABVAL-based validation programs
    • NAB - General: Corrected issue where FireEvent settings were sometimes not saving after being dragged to a new sequential position
    • NAB - General: Corrected issue where load mask was not being removed when an app was launched as a new browser tab
    • NAB - General: Corrected issue where an app containing nothing but pop-up windows could not be edited
    • Portal - Login: Minor cosmetic improvements to Caps Lock visual indicator
    • Portal - Login: After manually logging out of a Kerberos session, the login page is now shown (previously would log back in again immediately upon logging out)
    • Portal - General: Made minor adjustments to address issues caused by recent Chromium update (flickering windows, buttons requiring double clicks)
    • Portal - General: Removed fade-in/fade-out animation setting
    • Portal - General: Added "autoLock" parameter that can be used to disable session lock timer on specific apps
    • Portal - General: Corrected issue where apps that launch in "pop up" mode were not receiving events fired by another app
    • Portal Admin - Remote DB: Added optional connection parameters to be appended to the connection path
    • Portal Admin - Apps: Corrected issue where blank spaces were being appended to end of app name upon save (adjustment to vvOut_toJSON affecting graphic fields)
    • Fusion5250: Improved handling of screen refocusing when returning to Fusion session from another app
    • Fusion5250: Added support for special screen attribute characters sometimes added to the 5250 data stream in COBOL-compiled programs
    • RPG Toolkit - vvIn_JSON: Corrected issue originating in vvUtility_Parse where characters from the end of a prior field could "leak" into a subsequent field (specific to Graphic-type fields). This issue could impact column headings on recently saved NAB data sources.
    Go to to download this release of Valence 6.

    Go to for full release notes.