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Valence 6.0 (All Builds)

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  • Valence 6.0 (All Builds)


    6.0.20200912 (STABLE), release on September 12, 2020
    6.0.20200904 (BETA), released on September 4, 2020
    6.0.20200827 (BETA), released on August 27, 2020
    6.0.20200819 (BETA), released on August 19, 2020
    6.0.20200810 (BETA), released on August 10, 2020

    What's New in Valence 6.0?

    Learn more about changes and new features at Existing Valence 4.* and 5.* installations can migrate to Valence 6.0 by following the instructions in the Valence 6 Upgrade Guide. Please contact CNX for a new license key.

    Note that the back-end library name for this release is VALENCE6 rather than VALENCE60. This is to make it easier to upgrade the Valence 6.0 base installation to Valence 6.1, 6.2, etc. in the future, as it will not require a wholly separate instance each time. This is similar to how Valence 5.2 and Valence 5.2+ utilized the same base library name of VALENCE52, a popular approach with existing customers as it significantly simplified the upgrade process. So you can expect that upgrading to new 6.* releases in the years ahead will essentially be no different than applying an intra-release maintenance build.


    By obtaining and using the Valence Framework, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your company are following the proper licensing terms of the product. Be sure to review the licensing options on the Valence Pricing page and also review the Licensing and Support FAQs page before downloading and using the Valence Framework.

    Installing This Release:
    • Go to the downloads page to see what releases are available. If this release is superseded by another release it may no longer be available.
    • If this release is available for download then click the link to the download installation file. Be sure to download the correct version of the installer for your PC operating system and for your IBM i OS (7.1 through 7.4). For sites running on V5R4 or V6R1, contact CNX to discuss your options.
    • Unlike previous versions of Valence which were delivered as zip files, the Windows installer is now an exe file, and the Mac installer is now a dmg file. Both types are code signed so they should be trusted when run, and not cause any security issues. To launch the installer just double click on the exe file on your Windows PC, or launch the .dmg file on your Mac. Follow the prompts to install Valence Framework 6 onto your IBM i. Note that you may need administrative rights on your PC or Mac to launch the installer.
    • It is highly recommended that you use QSECOFR to perform the installation to avoid permissions issues.
    • This release will install to library VALENCE6 and ifs path /valence-6. It will also install an Apache server instance named VALENCE6.
    • If you have Valence Framework versions 5.2+ and prior installed on your system, installing this release will not affect those earlier versions.
    • Once installed you can access the Valence Portal with the link where is the IP address of your IBM i. Port 7060 is the default installation port for Valence Framework 6. You can use Advanced Settings to change the port number at installation time.
    • The default user for administrative login to the portal after installation is vvadmin with password vvadmin. However you may also log in with any valid IBM i profile.
    • If using the vvadmin profile, it is highly recommended that you go into the Portal Admin app in the Valence Portal and add an IBM i user cross reference to vvadmin with security officer authority (like QSECOFR) so you will not have permissions issues.

    Changes Pending for the Next Build:
    • Portal: do not show apps in disabled categories in Autostart list.
    • NAB: rework UI for adding/editing buttons, row menu buttons, icon columns, and tile buttons.
    • NAB: allow for tooltips on buttons, row menu buttons, and tile buttons.
    • NAB: appbar title URL parameter was not saving.
    • NAB: execute script behavior was not saving under "Startup"
    • NAB: chart legend text not saving properly when more than 6 series exist.
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