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    3.2.20131204.0, released on 2013-12-04
    3.2.20130912.0, released on 2013-09-12
    3.2.20130401.0, released on 2013-04-01
    3.2.20130204.0, released on 2013-02-04
    3.2.20121217.0, released on 2012-12-17
    3.2.20121126.0, released on 2012-11-26
    3.2.20121030.0 BETA, released on 2012-10-30
    3.2.20121025.0 BETA, released on 2012-10-25

    About this Release:

    This is the latest release of Valence Framework 3.2. These release notes are intended to document what has been added, changed and fixed since the last Valence Framework 3.1 maintenance release and provide general information about the Valence Framework.


    By obtaining and using the Valence Framework, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and your company are following the proper licensing terms of the product. Be sure to review the licensing options in the Valence Store and also review the Licensing & Suport FAQs page before downloading and using the Valence Framework.

    Installing This Release:
    • Go to the downloads page to see what releases are available. If this release is superseded by another release it may no longer be available.
    • If this release is available for download then click the link to the download installation file.
    • It is highly recommend that you perform the installation from a PC that is on the same internal network as your IBM i. Performing the installation through a slow WAN connection or via a VPN connection may work but can take many hours to install.
    • Once you obtain the file, launch the installer on your PC and follow the prompts to install the Valence Framework to your IBM i.
    • If you download the file and the .exe is missing from the end of the file please rename the file to add back the .exe and then launch the file.
    • You may need administrative rights on your PC to launch the installer.
    • It is highly recommended that you use QSECOFR to perform the installation to avoid permissions issues.
    • This release will install to library VALENCE32 and ifs path /valence-3.2. It will also install an Apache server instance named VALENCE32.
    • If you installed a previous beta version of Valence 3.2 and are installing a newer beta version you must first completely uninstall the previous version using the instructions in the section below entitled "Uninstalling Valence Framework 3.2." Once the previous version of Valence Framework 3.2 beta is uninstalled you can then run the installer to install the newer version.
    • If you have Valence Framework versions 3.1 and prior installed on your system you may install this release without affecting those earlier versions.
    • Once installed you can access the Valence portal with the link where is the ip address of your IBM i.
    • The default user for administrative login to the portal after installation is vvadmin with password vvadmin.
    • It is highly recommended that you go into the Users administration app in the Valence portal and add an IBM i user cross reference to vvadmin with security officer authority (like QSECOFR) so you will not have permissions issues. Or you can switch the portal to IBM i login mode (see the Valence Framework Manual for more info).
    • To convert portal data from Valence 3.1 use VVCNV32 (see the Valence Framework Manual for more info).

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20131204.0
    • Desktop Portal: Corrected issue causing the portal to sometimes get stuck in "masked" mode when launching apps that link to external URLs
    • Touch Portal: Corrected issue causing Touch portal sessions to timeout based on the Desktop threshold specified in "Settings" (rather than using the Touch threshold)
    • Service Program: Corrected issue causing vvMail_send to fail when CGI job is running under certain CCSIDs
    • Service Program: Expanded column width capacity in vvPDF_addTable (formerly limited to 999, now 9999)
    • Service Program: Added "hideBorder" column-level override to vvPDF_addTable (new feature, will be documented in Valence 4.0)
    • Service Program: Added new spreadsheet procedures to supplement vvOut_toSS (new features, will be documented in Valence 4.0; watch for tip in next Valence newsletter too). New vvOut procedures are:
      • vvOut_SSOpenWorkbook - Begins the xml spreadsheet using the Workbook and style settings from the IFS.
      • vvOut_SSOpenWorksheet - Begins the sheet within the workbook and optionally defines the column widths and headings. There can be multiple worksheets now within the workbook.
      • vvOut_SSSQLRows - Appends the resulting rows of an SQL statement to the Worksheet, similar to vvOut_execSQLtoSS. Can be executed multiple times within the same worksheet.
      • vvOut_SSDSRows - Appends the records of an externally defined data structure to the worksheet, similar to vvOut_toSS. Can be executed multiple times within the worksheet.
      • vvOut_SSData - Appends the data to the worksheet. The data should be fully formed xml data that follows the XML Spreadsheet specification. This can be used to append rows and cells within in the worksheet.
      • vvOut_SSCloseWorksheet - Ends the xml worksheet. Either a _SSCloseWorkbook or a _SSOpenWorksheet must be executed immediately after.
      • vvOut_SSCloseWorkbook - Ends the XML spreadsheet and completes the process.

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20130912.0
    • Desktop Portal: Reinstated ability to resize Nav Tree panel
    • Desktop Portal: Added support for IE8 to launch tabs via
    • Desktop Portal: Corrected issue with Valence.util.getEnvironment() not returning the current environment name after user switches environments
    • Desktop Portal: Corrected issue with launchTabByForce not working in Ext JS 3
    • Desktop Portal: App translations file in autoStart panel is now ignored when multilingual is turned off
    • Desktop Portal: No longer letting non-translated environment names (blanks) override base name when multilingual is active
    • Touch Portal: Support added for user IDs that exceed 10 characters
    • Touch and Desktop Portal: Disabled apps no longer show in nav tree and cannot be launched
    • Portal Admin (Users): Corrected issue with password expiration date not being set properly
    • Portal Admin (Apps): Blank translations are now omitted from App save
    • Portal Admin (Nav Trees): Corrected bug that could cause nested apps to not be saved correctly
    • Portal Admin (Nav Trees): Corrected double byte rendering problem in folder and app names
    • Test RPG Call: Adjusted formatted response to ignore commas that are inside quotes
    • Service Program: vvOut_execSQLtoCSV and vvOut_execSQLtoSS were sometimes skipping chunks of data when graphic fields included
    • Errors App: paging problem corrected
    • File Editor: Back-end was blowing up on very large field sizes (i.e., varying fields exceeding 9999 chars). This is fixed.
    • File Editor: Integer fields were not being properly recognized as numeric
    • App Builder: When a new Data Source is created the program now verifies the new Data Source ID is not already in use
    • Service Program: vvIn_json now supports integer-type fields
    • Service Program: vvIn_date now ignores any time data sent from the front end (instead of returning a date of "0001-01-01")
    • Source Editor: Now supports default directory (see

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20130401.0
    • Portal: Added new app launch mode called "Modal Panel" (in addition to "Portal Tab" and "Popup Window")
    • Portal: LaunchTabByForce method now supports launching of apps that are not in the user's navigation tree
    • Portal Settings: added RCLACTGRP interval, so vvCall can perform cleanup at a specified interval rather than on every call
    • vvOut_execSQLtoJSON: changes applied to improve performance of SQL statements involving graphic fields
    • vvPDF: added support for color option in _addTable
    • Revised Valence Manual documentation to JS Duck format (similar to API docs)
    • Portal Settings, Apps: Default group was not being applied by default to newly added apps. This is fixed
    • Portal Settings, Users: Corrected "No environment selected" error popping up when it should not have been
    • Portal Settings, Users: Disabled groups and environments that are not already assigned to the user no longer show in groups list
    • Portal: Overrides to portal toolbar image and height in Hook.js required an updateLayout call to render properly. This is no longer required
    • vvOut, spreadsheets: Incorrect template style ID corrected for timestamp fields; Fixed issue involving long SQL name support; added support for more columns
    • vvTest: Program was not correctly setting library list. Now routes all calls through vvCall to ensure lib list is set appropriately
    • vvUpload: Was checking for back-end program authority even when app was set to not require it
    • vvMail: Corrected issue with host and port overrides not being applied properly
    • Nitro App Builder: Corrected field size rendering issues on filters; Now preserving order of filters between widget edits
    • Portal Hook change: As of this release, "Hook-template.js" is now distributed in the desktop portal. This file should be copied to a new file called "Hook.js" to apply custom changes to the portal (formerly "portalhook.js"). The "Hook.js" file will never be overridden on subsequent updates. Going forward, new features will be added to Hook-template.js and can be manually copied into "Hook.js" as needed

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20130204.0
    • Portal admin: cosmetic improvements to "Apps" form panel
    • Portal admin: required fields are now visually flagged
    • Portal admin: after selecting an element from any list, upon completing the edit or copy you are now returned to the originating list
    • Portal admin: attempting to save a user with no assigned environment now results in an error message, as this user will not be able to log in
    • Portal admin: in "Groups" the users tab now shows the description of the user in addition to the user ID
    • Portal admin: global settings are reloaded inside the app whenever the portal is restarted (no need to close and relaunch the app)
    • "Active Sessions" is now available as a standalone app, instead of just within the Admin app. To see this standalone app on upgraded 3.2 installs (not new full installs), the app must be manually created (point to [HTML_PATH]/portal/monitor/ActiveSessions/index.html), added to the appropriate navigation tree(s) and authorized to appropriate user(s).
    • Portal admin: corrected user-specific app authority override logic (was not allowing overrides even when activated in "Settings")
    • Portal admin: adjusted license status display logic in "Settings" to better clarify that an active Enterprise license applies to Nitro iAdmin and Nitro File Editor as well
    • Portal admin: added missing portal literal in "Settings"
    • Portal admin: corrected issue in "Users" with environment authority changes not always saving as expected when multiple changes made at once
    • Portal admin: fixed problem where Valence password could be corrupted if IBM i system value max password length set to less than 10 characters
    • Portal: Current Valence environment can now be changed in Homepage mode by clicking on the environment link, same as can be done in the other portal modes
    • Portal: Added two new portal methods: Valence.util.getUserName() and Valence.util.getEnvironment()
    • Portal: corrected positioning of IE8 screensaver password prompt, which was skewed off to the right edge
    • Portal: corrected problem that was causing "&portal=false" URL parm to fail
    • Portal: login page now properly observes "&forceprompt=true" URL parm
    • Touch Portal: language selector in Touch portal no longer shows if multilingual is turned off
    • Monitor: "App Usage" app now includes user first and last names in the grid, instead of just the user ID. These new columns are hidden by default.
    • Monitor: "App Usage" app is no longer throwing unnecessary messages to the error log
    • New RPG procedures vvIn_time and vvIn_timestamp added
    • PDF headings can now be output without row data (affects addTable and addTableFromSQL procedures)
    • Added global values for SMTP host name and port in the Admin app ("Settings"). These now serve as defaults for vvMail unless explicitly overridden in vvMail data structure
    • Instance Manager: no longer shows spinner while waiting for an instance to be selected
    • Examples: fixed truncation of host name and port in the "Optional Parameters" section of the "Send eMail" example app
    • Spreadsheet: corrected vvOut_toSS timestamp format for Excel

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20121217.0
    • Desktop and mobile portal now fires various portal level events that can be acted on by customer-maintained portalhook.js
    • Desktop portal added method to easily change login backgrounds through portalhook.js
    • Fixed issue with bad characters in confirmation message when saving a user
    • Fixed missing theme selection on login page when multilingual turned off
    • Fixed portal administration initial sort of each list
    • Fixed menu auto refresh in portal menu mode
    • Fixed problems with copy functionality in portal administration
    • Fixed auto show selections in combo boxes when choosing edit/copy mode in portal administration
    • Fixed error condition when running portal in a pop-up window
    • Added port number to grid of instances in Instance Manager
    • Expanded size of library list grid in portal administration
    • Mobile portal now checks for private browsing condition and displays a message to user to turn off private browsing
    • Includes Nitro iAdmin 1.1.20121218.0 (see release notes at

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20121126.0

    • Updated language translations for all eight supported languages
    • New and improved Valence Framework API docs
    • Includes the latest general release of Valence Nitro iAdmin (see release notes at
    • Fixed scrolling issue when multiple environments are available to the user via the desktop portal
    • Fixed minor bugs in Valence Framework 3.1 to 3.2 conversion utility
    • Fixed launch logic

    New Features and Bug Fixes in Valence Framework 3.2.20121030.0 BETA
    • Fixed problem where some features could not be activated with an Enterprise license key
    • Fixed some screen literals
    • Other minor fixes

    New Features in Valence Framework 3.2.20121025.0 BETA
    • Nitro iAdmin - brings common IBM i administrative functions to your smartphone or tablet, including answering messages, monitoring jobs, reenabling disabled users, working with subsystems, job queues, output queues, and much more.
    • Updated from Ext JS 4.0.7 to Ext JS 4.1.1 (still including Ext JS 3.4.0 for backward compatibility)
    • Updated from Sencha Touch 2.0.0 to Sencha Touch
    • Desktop and Mobile Portals completely reengineered for optimum performance
    • Mobile portal now supports launching multiple apps without spawning additional browser windows or tabs
    • New desktop "homepage" view option, allowing apps to utilize entire browser window (no header or toolbar)
    • Previously separate portal administration apps now consolidated into one streamlined Valence Portal settings app
    • Service program improvements, including new logging features and improved SQL performance in vvOut_execSQLtoJSON
    • Moved all documentation out of the Valence product and made generally accessible through links to a CNX hosted server to cut down on the size of the installation and to make documentation updates immediately available

    System Requirements:

    • Any hardware running the IBM i operating system V5R4 or higher. Existing customers on previous versions of Valence at V5R3 will not be able to upgrade to this version until they are at V5R4 or higher. For installation of Valence to your IBM i, a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 is required.
    • The client computer utilizing Valence apps can be Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and virtually any hardware that has a compatible browser.
    • A compatible browser on client computers. CNX recommends Google Chrome for the best development and user experience on the desktop, and iSafari or other integrated browsers on mobile devices. This version of Valence should work in newer versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer as well as WebKit-based mobile device browsers like those on iPhone, iPad and Android.
    • 5722ST1 is required to use AutoCode, and for the ability to recompile many of the Valence programs that include source code.
    • If you would like to use the PDF and/or Email capabilities of Valence then you need 5722JV1 *BASE and option 6, Java Developer Kit 1.4. This is installed on most systems by default. After installing this version of Valence, just try to run the PDF and email examples. If they work then you know for certain your system has the correct configuration. Note that even though Java is required, you do not need to know or use Java to develop PDFs or send emails with Valence. You will use the Valence RPG Toolkit procedures, which use certain Java functions behind the scenes.
    • Many Valence Nitro functions rely on QSHELL, which is 5722SS1 option 30. This is already installed on the vast majority of systems.

    What is the Valence Framework?:

    The Valence Framework is an advanced web application development system for the IBM i. It includes these major components, all designed to work seamlessly and elegantly together:
    • Ext JS - a JavaScript framework for an advanced rich user interface in the desktop browser.
    • Sencha Touch - a JavaScript framework for an advanced rich user interface on mobile devices.
    • Valence RPG Toolkit - everything you need to make it easy for RPG on the IBM i work with the Ext JS JavaScript framework.
    • Valence Portal - A browser-based login, session management and menu system for your IBM i. This essentially lets users log in and launch web applications designed with Valence or other systems. The Valence Portal has a "desktop" mode that is optimized for full-screen keyboard-based computers and a "touch" mode that is optimized for touch-based systems like iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The Valence Portal will automatically detect and adjust to the correct device type at login.
    • Valence Nitro - A set of features including the Source Editor, App Builder and File Editor to make it easy for developers to be successful at building advanced web applications for IBM i. Nitro also includes Nitro iAdmin for easily managing IBM i operations from mobile devices.
    • Valence Examples - For those developers that like to have a starting point to copy-and-modify and learn Valence development, there are dozens of included example apps.
    • Fusion Charts and Widgets - An advanced charting system that includes hundreds of graphical components to use in your Valence dashboard or general apps.

    The Valence Design Methodology:

    CNX believes very strongly in our architecture of the Valence system. It uses 100% JavaScript in the browser where JavaScript takes over and manages the user experience entirely. This gives the user a "rich" interface similar to what they would have with advanced apps from Google and Facebook. The Valence Framework marries this advanced interface with ILE RPG on the back-end through IBM i's built-in Apache server. There are no external servers or other non-native components between the browser and RPG. This design purity leads to reliability, speed and elegance. If you are an RPG developer, using the Valence Framework will seem like a natural step on the path to your future and the future of the IBM i platform.

    Valence Framework Next Steps:

    Once you have Valence Framework 3.2 successfully installed on your IBM i, try these next steps:
    • Log into the Valence Portal with user vvadmin, password vvadmin (some systems require capital VVADMIN) and browse the many example apps. At the top of each example app it tells you where the front-end and back-end RPG source code are located. When you're ready, try modifying some of the examples to work with your data files.
    • Watch the many Valence Training Videos and check back frequently for more.
    • Launch the Valence Nitro App Builder from Navigation-->Development-->Nitro App Builder and try to create a dashboard app or whatever you can dream up. Click Help within Nitro App Builder for instructional videos.
    • Read the Valence Framework Manual.
    • Check out further documentation within the Valence Portal located at Navigation-->Development-->Resources.
    • Consider attending Valence Training classes at the CNX Training Center in Chicago. With formal training by CNX there will be no limit to the kinds of apps you can create with Valence for your IBM i users and customers.

    Uninstalling Valence Framework 3.2:

    Follow these instructions if you previously installed this release and would like to completely remove it from your system:
    • Log onto a 5250 session as QSECOFR or another profile with security officer authority.
    • End the VALENCE32 Apache server instance with command "ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(VALENCE32)".
    • Before continuing, be certain there are no users and/or developers with a lock on the VALENCE32 library with command "WRKOBJLCK OBJ(VALENCE32) OBJTYPE(*LIB)". If there are any jobs listed, cancel them or ask the users/developers to exit.
    • Delete the VALENCE32 library with command "DLTLIB LIB(VALENCE32)".
    • Delete the IFS folder named /valence-3.2 and all subfolders and files. The easiest way to do this is to start with command "WRKLNK /" then use option 2 against the root folder, then option 9 (recursive delete) against the /valence-3.2 folder.
    • Delete the VALENCE32 Apache server instance by navigating with your browser to http://

    If you need assistance with installing this release or have other questions please email or call CNX at (312) 477-7450.
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    Valence 3.2.20121030.0 BETA is released. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at If you installed a previous beta you must first uninstall that version before installing this new version. There is no upgrade path between beta versions.


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      With version 3.2.20121126.0 Valence Framework 3.2 is now in general release. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at If you installed a previous beta of Valence Framework 3.2 you must first uninstall that version before installing this new version (see Uninstalling Valence Framework 3.2 in the first post of this thread). There is no upgrade path from Valence Framework 3.2 beta releases to the Valence 3.2 general release.


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        Valence Framework Update 3.2.20121217.0 has been released. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at


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          Valence Framework Update 3.2.20130204.0 has been released. This update includes over 25 fixes and enhancements since the previous build. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at


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            Valence Framework Update 3.2.20130401.0 has been released. This update includes 16 fixes and enhancements since the previous build. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at


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              Valence Framework Update 3.2.20130912.0 has been released. This update includes 21 fixes and enhancements since the previous build. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at


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                Valence Framework Update 3.2.20131204.0 has been released. This update includes 6 fixes and enhancements since the previous build. Read the full release notes at the top of this thread at