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  • Environments

    In Edit User/Environments, add a checkbox for 'All Environments'.

    A user with that box checked will be able to access all defined environments without having to grant them one by one, or having to update the user profile(s) whenever a new environment is added. We use environments a lot for development. We don't want to create instances for every developer.

    It would also be nice to do the same thing with GROUPS. Right now I have to put all new apps in groups "All", in addition to the app groups used to control user access. All developers have group "All".

    Basically I'd like superusers and developers to be able to get to all apps by having access to all groups, and access to all environments by checking 2 checkboxes on their user.

    Disallowed apps defined at the user level will still trump the All groups checkbox

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    We’ll add this to our feature request list and see if it can be done.