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NAB: App build number or timestamp

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  • NAB: App build number or timestamp

    Hi All,

    I think it would be great if we had a way of "versioning" our Nitro Apps. We develop on one system and migrate to production, but I am always a little leery of the fact that someone might have made changes on the production Nitro App Builder side...

    When looking at Apps in NAB, maybe we add a column with a build number (increment every time an app is saved), or a timestamp for the last save? As long as that build/ts is exported/imported then they should match on dev/prd if nothing has been changed.

    What do you think?

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    Every NAB object (data source / widget / app ID) has a creation timestamp and last change timestamp associated with it. You can see those values as columns in the main grid when you go into the NAB Designer by clicking on the cogwheel in the upper right of the list, then selecting the "Created" and "Changed" columns. You can also see the user who created the object and the user who last changed the object if you wish.


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      I never noticed that - thanks!