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NAB Forms - Fields Linked to App Variables?

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  • NAB Forms - Fields Linked to App Variables?

    Sometimes we just need to collect a little data for filtering or use by a backend helper app, and it is not always directly related to a data source field....

    I think it would be useful if we could define a field on the form that is independent from the data source and can be used for setting App Variables.


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    Sorry, I am not entirely clear. Can you explain your use case a bit more as maybe we have a solution?


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      No worries...

      Let's say I have a grid showing detail records for a specific Customer. The customer is selected from a filter dropdown list..

      I would like to have a button for Add New Customer that opens a form with a couple of fields, say customer name and number. The form button will add it to the database.

      Right now I have to link form fields to a database field, which limits flexibility when trying to gather user input on an ad-hoc basis.

      Make sense now? Or am I missing something obvious on how I should be handling something like this?



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        Sorry for the late response on this...somehow got lost by me.

        You can achieve this now with the following steps:
        • Create your "Add Customer" button
        • On Click: Call RPG Program
          • Prompt For More Info
          • Add 2 prompt fields: Customer Name and Customer Number
            • For this example, specify parameters names as customerName and customerNumber
          • Create your RPG program using EXNABBTN as your template.
        lCustomerName           s          30a
        lCustomerNumber         s           9s 0
        lExists                 s            n
          lCustomerName   = vvIn_char('customerName');
          lCustomerNumber = vvIn_num('customerNumber');
          // some validation....check if name already exists
          exec sql select 1 into: lExists from MY_FILE where 
                        MY_FIELD =: lCustomerName;
          if lExists;
             SetResponse('msg':'Customer name already exists');
          // more validation.....
          // all validation has passed...write out the new record
          exec sql insert into MY_FILE values(:lCustomerName,:lCustomerNumber);
          SetResponse('info':'Customer ' + %trim(lCustomerName) + ' has been added');


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          Got it - thanks!