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Change password prompt [>= 6.0.20211007]

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  • Change password prompt [>= 6.0.20211007]

    Can we sync up the verbiage on this screen with what the green screen equivalent says, I am getting calls from users telling me they are being prompted to change their password for no apparent reason
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    This has been completed for the next update.


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      2021107 -- New expired password pop up is GREAT!
      New CAPS LOCK icon is NEAT! Much better than the vanishing snackbar/toaster message

      One itty-bitty observation.... The caps lock icon remains on even when caps lock is off. Okay, I cheated, I was in the PASSWORD field when I turned caps lock on, then I tabbed back to the USERID field and turned caps lock off there. The icon stayed on.

      login 20211007.png

      What's worse and far more likely to happen is this one: turn caps lock on while in the USERID field, enter USERID then tab over to the password field. Caps lock indicator is not on. It only seems to turn that when the caps lock state changed with the cursor in the password field. Perhaps you can change it to react to both fields. I still wonder what it will do if caps lock was on before even launching session. IOW, coming into the login screen with caps lock already on.

      This is NOT a high priority!

      login2 20211007.png
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        Thanks for the information, this will be updated in the next Valence 6.0 update;