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Helper programs & CGI Jobs in *MSGW

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  • Helper programs & CGI Jobs in *MSGW

    When there's an issue with a helper program it causes the CGI job to go into *MSGW. This has usually been because I misspelled the program name or wasn't using the correct environment, and the CGI job wasn't able to find the program. Unfortunately, when I'm clumsy like this it can make the server completely unresponsive for everyone.

    Is there any way to monitor for these issues and provide an error message back to the browser instead of allowing the CGI job to fail when there are issues in the helper program(s)?


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    Good suggestion!

    Up until now we had been intentionally letting CGI jobs go into MSGW when a program could not be found in order to draw attention to the problem. But as you mentioned, if you have multiple calls to a program that can't be found, the resulting wave of jobs going into MSGW could eventually lock up the instance for all users. This could be a more likely occurrence lately since we've been adding so much more RPG program interaction to Nitro App Builder.

    So for the next build the back-end will watch for this nonexistent program scenario and, instead of throwing the job into MSGW, the Portal will pop up an error message describing the problem and a record will be added to the Errors app.