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[NAB] Export and Import from external programs

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  • [NAB] Export and Import from external programs

    Valence 6.X has support for manually exporting NAB apps from one instance, manually copying the save file to another instance, and then manually importing the app into another instance. For change management purposes, I would like to automate this process. I have been playing with the source code for programs vvExport and vvImport and it has required surprisingly few changes to the code to support this process at least as a proof of concept.

    I would like to request that support for calling vvExport and vvImport from a standard RPGLE or other program be added to these programs. This would allow us to call these programs from hooks in the existing change management process to export and import NAB apps at specific steps in the change managment process.

    vvExport alreadys works as-is to export a savefile as long as you have the proper app id and vvImport requires small modifications to support a current user id from an external program as well as replacing vvOut messages with some other message output format.

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    Sounds good...we will definitely look into making the changes to make both callable from the command line and/or another RPGLE program.


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      Great! Thank you for at least looking into it and the quick reply.