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NAB - Save column widths and position in cookies?

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  • NAB - Save column widths and position in cookies?

    When creating a grid widget there is the option enable the resize and move of columns
    however when the user changed his colums, and reopens the browser after a shutdown, the colums are back in the original config and not in the customized setting from the user..

    would be great if this could be saved so that a user gets the same screen when het restarts a session

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    Hi Thierry,

    NAB already saves that information via local storage when columns are moved etc. The only time it should revert back to its original state would be if that widget gets saved or if the user right clicks the grid header and selects "Reset List Columns".

    I just did a quick test and moved columns around, logged off, then back in and the columns were correct. What browser are you using?



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      Hi Johnny ... yes you're rigjt.. i'm testing it again now and this is working like a charm..

      i guess i was testing in 'incognito' mode..

      apologies for the confusion

      Thierry ..