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Valence 6 - editgrid - visual distinction EDITABLE/ReadOnly

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  • Valence 6 - editgrid - visual distinction EDITABLE/ReadOnly

    On the Editgrid : the new cell/row edit function

    It would be helpful to have some visual distinction between fields that are editable and others that are read-only

    now you can only see which fields are editable by double clicking on them.

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    Hi Thierry -

    There already is visual distinction of editable fields when using cell editing. Are you referring to the row editing option?


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      Hi Sean...

      i was referring to Cell-editing...

      i agree that once you double click on the cell, one can see the field has got a different border..
      but i was more referring to a visual distinction before clicking on a cell.. f.e in a grid with a lot of columns, it could be useful to see which cols are editable..

      PS. i think i can also be easily solve it by giving the editable fields a different color in the color settings.. ..

      so request can be canceled...


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        Hi Thierry -

        There is a visual distinction in cell editing before the cell is selected. In the attached, you will see that both the address fields are editable while the others are not. Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.12.56 AM.png
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