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  • Replacement for STRSQL

    Would really like to see a replacement for STRSQL. I don't like using Client Access Solutions run sql scripts heavy and slow. I am constantly running quick sql statements. i.e. Debugging an application i will copy a generated sql statement from code and run in the strsql environment....that is always a pain as it never fits right!! Also this replacement would quickly allow to download to excel. Be able to see history of your sql statements ran...if running an update/delete it could show you how many records will be affected before running (not essential) I know NAB is available and i could build a datasource, but this is too much involved. There are constantly cases all day where I am running test/simple sql scripts that I no longer care about after they are run. (usually)

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    Hi Ryan,

    I would suggest taking a look at DBeaver for your replacement of STRSQL.



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      Thanks Johnny. I will take a look at that.


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        SQL Explorer also works quite well in RDi. I like it's history view and the ability to save SQL files in the Project Explorer. Lightweight and works for almost everything.