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NAB-Dynamic Header on PDF, XLSX Download

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  • NAB-Dynamic Header on PDF, XLSX Download

    When user is downloading a PDF or spreadsheet many times I need to be able to add a custom header based on the data they are seeing... like if a sales graph, might would want to have header give the month they are looking at. Instead of a hard coded value.

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    Currently, Nitro App Builder when creating the PDF will use the grid title if its set and the PDF header is not hardcoded in the download options of the grid. That way if you are using behaviors and showing a subset list you could set the title of the grid then when the user downloads the pdf it would use that title at runtime.

    Is that what you're looking for on the PDF headers? Thanks


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      The ability to dynamically change header and footer to a PDF will be available with the introduction of "app variables" within NAB. Not exactly sure on the release date for this though.