SUMMARY: In this session we demonstrated the new Edit Grid / Form linkage feature, and covered some tips and techniques for making the most out of your Form designs & back-end RPG code. This new functionality was introduced in build 6.1.20221219.0 and makes it possible to quickly create highly refined file maintenance apps with minimal effort.

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 12.09.59 PM.png


00:42 - Edit Grid / Form linkage feature described with an example of how it helps using Forms that you already have as an edit functionality - reusing existing Forms
02:30 - SQL syntax in Data Source, verifying on IBM i, parsing, creating SQL view
03:30 - Creating an Edit Grid in NAB
04:20 - Linking a Form to Edit Grid is only valid when not using "In Line" row or cell editing 05:12 - Creating a NAB app with the Edit Grid
06:25 - Introducing the Form Widget under the same Data Source as Edit Grid to allow linking both widgets
07:55 - Crating a Form of the same Data Source
09:30 - Setting up Field Groups in the Form Widget
10:40 - Overriding the functionality of Form field to be editable in the Edit Grid
11:45 - Linking the form to the Edit Grid
13:20 - Setting up the fields in the Form / Edit Grid. It is not necessary to include all the fields originally available in the Form in the Edit Grid
14:40 - New sections and options in the Edit Grid after linking the Form (specifying the width, add button text etc.)
16:50 - Testing the Form / Edit Grid linkage, reviewing the UI features (scroll, width et.c) 18:07 - Form Helper program usage in the linked Form
19:00 - Overview of the features of the Form Helper Program
20:00 - Overriding the Global Setting on how often to call the Helper Program at the Field level