SUMMARY: In this week's session we covered putting recently introduced form design features to work and creating the equivalent of a side navigation panel into an app.


Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 8.30.04 PM.png


00:35 - Form field set changes from previous Valence versions
01:30 - Side Navigation App summarized
02:00 - Field Sets in an older version of Valence summarized with an example
02:45 - Field Sets in the newest version of Valence summarized with an example
04:40 - Cleaning up column labels in a NAB Form widget
06:20 - Creating a new app for a Side Navigation App example
07:40 - Adding Menu Buttons (Navigation menu, Section Buttons) to a NAB app
10:00 - Setting up NAB Buttons Actions in different App Sections
11:20 - Setting up the Navigation Menu to "hidden" and to show up on click (hideNavButtons)
14:00 - Creating New App Variables in NAB to disable buttons (disableSection1Btn, disableSection2Btn etc.)
17:30 - Set App Variables - nabInfo set up to display a pop up message
17:50 - Testing a NAB app with a Navigation Panel - switching sections
18:50 - Checking newly added Valence features in the Framework Release History on CNX's Forums