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#021 - Set up an RPG program to feed a data source for a NAB widget

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  • #021 - Set up an RPG program to feed a data source for a NAB widget


    In this session we demonstrated how to set up an RPG program to feed a data source for a Valence NAB widget. This pre-execution concept can be used to adapt an already-existing RPG program, such as one being used to create printed output, to send the same records to a grid in a web app.


    Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 3.45.57 PM.png


    00:55 - How to access CNX's blog posts - Tip of the month, newsletter sign up
    02:00 - How to access CNX's forums with Develop Diaries Index, Valence release history, Features Requests and support tips.
    04:40 - Conventional NAB Data Source explained
    05:22 - Using a QTEMP File with a pre-execution program (call to an RPG Program) 06:40 - vvln_Virtual explained with a blog post location
    08:30 - Paging and using a non-QTEMP file
    09:00 - EXPRINT - RPG Program supporting Valence apps
    10:00 - Demo Program included with Valence
    12:30 - Global Parameter - Valence mode
    13:40 - Writing to a Print File
    13:55 - Work File - Utility included with Valence (vvcrtwrkf)
    16:05 - When to use a SESSION ID
    16:20 - Sort Sequence SORT_SEQ explained
    17:30 - Creating the Data Source in Valence NAB
    18:40 - Specifying the Pre-execution program when saving the Data Source in NAB
    20:00 - Sort Sequence setting in NAB (when saving a data source)
    20:54 - Speeding up a poorly performing up by changing the sort sequence - blog post location:
    21:41 - Creating a grid based on the newly created NAB Data Source
    23:00 - Grup by customer and calculate totals in NAB widget
    24:25 - Creating a NAB app
    25:44 - When to use paging
    27:50 - Passing Parameters to an RPG Program
    30:00 - Filter Program - blog post location:
    33:10 - Adding binding to the Valence Service program in the Exit Print program