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#020 - Passing info from the user to an RPG Program

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  • #020 - Passing info from the user to an RPG Program


    In this month's session we demonstrated ways to prompt users for more information before calling an RPG program. We reviewed how to quickly set up a web app in Valence that retrieves data from a user and passes it along to an RPG program. We also showed how you can condition what the user is prompted for using app variables.


    Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 4.43.41 PM.png


    0:50 - Using NAB to ask a customer for more information (email) in case we do not have it on file.
    1:30 - Creating a Grid Widget in NAB
    2:50 - Creating a NAB App in which User can click on the customer and ask for an email if they already do not have it
    3:30 - Setting up a NAB Behavior - Call RPG Program
    4:00 - Adding App Variables
    4:30 - Setting up a Nested Call - Call RPG Program within another NAB Behavior to Call an RPG Program
    6:05 - Reviewing the newly created table in the Nitro File Editor
    6:50 - Testing the NAB App Behavior - Prompt Asking for Customer's Email
    08:10 - Reviewing the RPG behind the just created NAB App
    08:40 - Creating RPG program using App Builder template: EXNABBTN
    09:40 - Testing checkForEmail procedure
    10:40 - Testing SendInvoice
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