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#017​ - Setting up a new SSL certificate for a Valence instance

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  • #017​ - Setting up a new SSL certificate for a Valence instance


    In this session Richard walked through the steps needed to secure a Valence instance with an SSL certificate and make the instance available outside of the internal network. Specifically he covered: - Applying for and obtaining an SSL certificate from the DigiCert certificate authority - Uploading the certificate to the IBM i and importing into the Digital Certificate Manager - Assigning the certificate to a Valence instance - Modifying network NAT and DNS to expose the instance to the Internet



    1:30​ - External SSL Setup: overview - Presentation
    3:11​ - External SSL Setup: prerequisites - Presentation
    9:09​ - External SSL Setup: Steps to Configure - Presentation
    13:30​ - External SSL Setup: Administration Resources - Presentation
    15:40​ - External SSL Setup: Example NAT Setup - Presentation
    16:30​ - Accessing Valence Base instance: Instance Manager
    17:40​ - Accessing the Portal3 Valence instance - used in SSL Certificate setup
    19:00​ - Logging in to the Media Temple
    22:18​ - Generating the Digital Certificate in the IBM i's Digital Certificate Manager
    27:07​ - Reviewing the Certificate Requested created in the Digital Certificate Manager
    27:15​ - Logging in to Digicert
    28:00​ - Choosing the type of certificate you want to order from digicert
    28:40​ - Copying and pasting the digital certificate request from IBM i's Digital Certificate Manager to digicert
    33:00​ - Placing the digicert certificate order
    33:23​ - Proving control over the domain - DNS TXT entry
    35:50​ - Downloading the certificate issued by the digicert - p7b
    37:10​ - Zipping the digicert certificate file before uploading it to the IFS
    38:00​ - Creating a folder in Valence Nitro IFS Explorer to upload the zipped certificate file
    40:00​ - Importing the certificate back to the Digital Certificate Manager
    41:00​ - Troubleshooting in case of errors: certificate not importing correctly etc.
    43:48​ - Assigning the certificate to the Valence instance: enabling the SSL in IBM i Web Admin
    46:35​ - Switching the port number that the Valence instance is running on to 443
    47:26​ - Accessing Valence Nitro File Editor to edit the port number
    50:40​ - Logging into the Cisco router - NAT settings
    52:40​ - Setting up the Media Temple port mapping
    57:00​ - Accessing Valence instance and checking the details of the Certificate
    59:10​ - Changing ports from Valence Base instance - Nitro File Editor
    1:02​ - Going over the authority for users to change environments in Valence
    1:03​ - Implementing a redirect