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#013​ - Creating PDF Documents on-the-Fly with NAB

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  • #013​ - Creating PDF Documents on-the-Fly with NAB


    In this session we discussed a new technique for creating PDF documents on-the-fly using Nitro App Builder's Beta Feature "Execute Script" behavior.



    1:25​ - Grids allow downloads to PDF or Excel - overview
    1:47​ - Quick overview of PDF make - the PDF package used in Valence (location in Nitro Source Editor: Resources)
    2:50​ - Creating a new Data Source using an SQL statement and a new Grid in NAB
    4:08​ - Creating an application in NAB using the new Grid
    4:40​ - Adding a button to the grid with the Execute Script behavior
    5:40​ - Setting up the Execute Script Behavior - loadPdfmake
    7:00​ - Finding the Pdfmake resource in the Chrome Dev tools after clicking the Download PDF button in the app
    8:25​ - Setting up the Execute Script behavior for the PDF download
    10:00​ - Testing the Download PDF button
    11:50​ - Creating a URL widget to show the document that we want to download (grid) 12:50​ - Execute Script behavior set up - getWidget data (widget name or number / ID) 16:00​ - Options to set up for a download of a paging grid
    18:50​ - Going over the Execute script set up - Getting Data of the Grid Widget
    20:00​ - Testing the PDF download with a review in Chrome Dev Tools - mask not turned off
    21:10​ - Constructing on how PDF make will get and set up the data (object, content, table, body)
    26:30​ - Execute Script - behavior set up - PDF make setAppVar, dataURL
    28:15​ - Link the URL App Variable to the property of the URL widget
    29:40​ - Execute Script behavior - Getting an image
    30:15​ - Going over a helper method: getImage
    32:00​ - Overview of the code - creating and downloading PDF
    33:00​ - Using debugger and Chrome Dev tools
    38:48​ - Executing a failure routine - PDF download - Chrome Dev Tools overview
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