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#012​ - Timeline and Map Widget Tips & Tricks

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  • #012​ - Timeline and Map Widget Tips & Tricks


    In this session we covered techniques for adding some visual pizzazz to what might otherwise be considered bland business data. We began by showing how to depict time and date-related information in an intuitive, chronological display using Nitro App Builder's Timeline widget. We followed that up by demonstrating ways to convey physical address data through the Map widget, leveraging the power of the Google Maps API.



    2:00​ - Creating a Data Source using an SQL Statement for a Timeline Widget
    4:00​ - Explaining Caching the Data source in Valence (Recache, Remove the Cache)
    5:20​ - Setting up the Timeline widget
    7:40​ - UI Setting of the Timeline widget - Widget Type, Padding
    8:13​ - Setting up the Colors of the Timeline widget
    8:47​ - Setting up Filters and using Custom Formatting in the Timeline Widget
    10:45​ - Creating a Data Source for a new Timeline Widget (including range)
    11:48​ - Creating a Timeline Widget with a Start and End date (range)
    14:10​ - Map Widget - Google API key review
    17:00​ - Creating a Data Source using an SQL Statement for a Map Widget
    18:00​ - Creating a Map Widget in NAB
    19:35​ - Review of how Valence Caches the Map Locations after the first request
    21:55​ - using HTML mark up for a Marker Title in a Map Widget
    23:20​ - Map Widget - UI Setting - Single Marker Zoom setting
    26:00​ - How to change a Default Map Location
    27:45​ - Creating a Data Source using an SQL Statement for a Map Widget with a start and end address
    28:30​ - Creating a Map Widget
    29:00​ - Map Widget - UI - reviewing the Show Marker Index setting
    30:00​ - Map Widget - UI - reviewing the Draw Marker Path setting
    31:00​ - Creatine a NAB app with a Map Widget
    31:50​ - Draw Marker Path and Show Marker index in a NAB App - Review
    34:40​ - Bumping up the number of CGI jobs servicing your Valence apps blog post:
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