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#011​ - Creating Interactive Forms

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  • #011​ - Creating Interactive Forms


    In this session we returned to development tips and tricks, this time focused on creating interactive forms using the Form Helper template program. We demonstrated hiding/showing, disabling/enabling and focusing/setting form fields and values based on the current state of the form.



    00:10​ - Going over the wireframes for a new Form Widget in NAB
    3:10​ - An overview of a Basic Form in NAB
    3:37​ - Helper Program in NAB Form widget - overview
    5:15​ - Default Template Program review in RDI (Helper Variables: gMode, gField)
    7:00​ - Previewing the Form widget in the Refine tab
    7:38​ - Setting and previewing the Helper Program "At Form Creation"
    9:10​ - Form Helper Program - reviewing calls in the Chrome Developer Tools
    11:15​ - Creating and reviewing another Helper Program in RDI - restricting user to enter the same company name in the form twice
    13:00​ - Reviewing calls in the Chrome Developer Tools for the above helper program
    15:05​ - Creating a form with a dynamic combo box (FilterCombo) - reviewing wireframes
    17:40​ - Creating a Form widget in NAB with a dynamic combo box
    19:30​ - Adding a Form Helper to disable some of the Form fields (State, City, Zip) - Chrome Developer Tools review
    23:00​ - NAB examples included in Valence
    25:48​ - Creating a Form widget with a combo box of products with dynamic buttons - reviewing wireframes
    27:40​ - Creating a Form widget in NAB with combo box and dynamic buttons
    28:20​ - Making a field editable and a dropdown in a Form widget
    29:15​ - Adding the form helper program to the 3rd form - reviewing network traffic in Chrome Developer Tools
    30:40​ - Including Form widgets in a NAB application
    33:00​ - Adding buttons to a Form widget
    33:50​ - Setting app variables on a NAB - Form Widget buttons
    36:12​ - Coding NAB buttons as Features using Security Section
    38:57​ - NAB Form with Buttons / Features - RDI review
    40:09​ - Reviewing Network Traffic in Chrome Developer Tools for Form - Buttons