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#009​ - Listing Data in Grid and Tile Views

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  • #009​ - Listing Data in Grid and Tile Views


    In this session we created a Valence Nitro App Builder app that lists data in both grid and tile views, and created a custom column renderer that can be applied in any of your Nitro apps.



    1:30​ - Creating a Grid Widget in NAB
    2:48​ - Creating a Tile Widget in NAB with a detailed overview of a Tile Widget
    5:00​ - Using an HTML markup in Tile Widget
    6:50​ - Setting up a Tile widget - UI Section
    8:28​ - Setting up a Tile widget - Paging Section
    8:45​ - Setting up a Tile Widget - Color Rules (Legend Text)
    10:40​ - Tile Widget - Color Rules - Legend Text and Legend Position in UI section
    11:48​ - Creating a NAB App with Grid and Tile widgets in two separate sections
    12:48​ - Creating a Button on a NAB App Section to allow user to switch between App Sections
    15:33​ - Creating a renderer to format an address field that can be reused in other widgets 18:30​ - NAB Settings - Additional Resources
    20:15​ - Using Nitro Source Editor to create an object that has functions in it
    22:45​ - NAB Settings - Setting up an additional resource
    23:55​ - Using the newly created customer address function in a Grid widget in a NAB app 26:00​ - Reusing the address function in a Tiles widget in the NAB app
    28:20​ - Formatting currency in a Tiles widget using Valence API Docs
    29:00​ - Managing additional resources in Valence Nitro Source Editor