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  • Popup Form Title

    I'm setting an app variable (multiOrderFormTitle) in my button program (RPG), then assigning it to the General/Title widget properties in Link to App Variables for the Form widget.

    My title is displaying, but as a subtitle instead of the actual title.
    Just to verify... I set a title called "Title in App" to see how the title displays (below). If that is removed, my app var is still in the subtitle position (the title is blank).

    This seems off... unless there's an easier way to set a title for a form widget (this form is rendered after multi-row select and button click).

    2022-11-22 16_32_24-Valence 6.1.png

    This is how it's configured
    2022-11-22 16_31_46-Valence 6.1.png
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    Why do you think that is a subtitle rather than a title? It looks like a title to me based on your screenshot. Maybe change your app variable to link to the subtitle and see what that looks like.


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      Never mind...I thought that "Title In App" was the value of your app variable.


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        It looks like your form is a popup window correct? Are you putting on a title on your window in NAB?


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          Yes. This is a popup window. No title on the individual form widget. No title on popup window in NAB.

          I did put one on the popup window in NAB to see where it goes "Title in App". It rendered where I expected. When I take it away... my app variable is still in subtitle and the form title is empty.
          2022-11-23 09_07_10-Valence 6.1.png


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            It looks like the popup window isn't working correctly with title/subtitle app vars. If you link to title it will set the title however if you also link to subtitle it will just use the subtitle.

            Based on your original image of link to app variables for the window looks like mulitOrderFormTitle has the value of "070 10425013 HUDSON GROUP JFK WHSE"


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              Yes... I'm setting app variable multiOrderFormTitle to a field value in my button RPG pgm.

              I tried setting both title and subtitle to the same value... it placed them both on the form in the same "position". Subtitle was below title and was smaller.

              This works... it just doesn't look as good.

              There is also some oddities with the button colors... both at the App level and in the form.


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                So maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here...
                I am trying to use a popup form as a "user prompt" to perform a multi-row edit. I elected to do this instead of using your built-in user prompting because:
                1. I need to validate that all the rows selected meet a certain criteria (same value in one row)
                2. I'm using the form helper to validate the date(s) selected

                But, when in the button program I don't seem to have access to the rows selected - is this because the form is actually a different widget? If so, is this even possible?


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                  Yes you have access to other widgets via the button program and we have an RPG example named "EXNABBTN04" in the base Valence library

                  Also a developer diaries that goes over the backend dealing with multiple widgets


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                    Perfect! Thank you.

                    I searched for this in the forums/diaries but couldn't find it.


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                      Here is the post on that developer diary