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    Under what circumstances would/should working on an App in NAB update the VVMTS Maint Timestamp on a Widget in VVWDG100??

    We have a few projects where I have assigned Data Source / Widget development to developers relatively new to Valence. And I have been configuring the App myself.
    I have been using the Widgets' VVMTS to signal me that someone has made recent changes to a widget that I should review.

    Several times, and today was proof positive, I was in NAB working on the App. After completion, I noticed that four (out of about 10) widgets from the app had their timestamps updated, and showed me as the Maint User.

    I did nothing to the widgets themselves. I don't remember exactly what I did to those four in the app, but it was either behaviors, or appvar linkage, or both.

    Why would/should App maintenance ever update the Widget object at all?

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    I assume the 4 widgets were all grids. The last changed date of a grid determines when we should reset the "state" of the grid. The state holds the columns shown, the order, the widths, etc....This is how the grid UI remembers changes a user may make (move a column, hide or show a column, change a column width).

    If anything about a grid is changed and the state is not reset it will cause issues. Since there are potential changes to a grid (adding checkboxes, menus, icon columns) when saving an app we set the last changed timestamp to force a state reset.

    We can look into changing this though.


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      Ok. Good to know. Thanks.