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Set App Variable from filter issue

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  • Set App Variable from filter issue

    I am using a filter on a grid. I have linked an app variable with the filter. When UNSRCSYS is changed i want to set the app variable ParmSourceSystem to the value of the filter.
    However it doesn't seem to be getting set correctly.
    On the grid I have an icon that kicks off an RPG program. The RPG program executes a GetAppVar('ParmSourceSystem') but the value of the ParmSourceSystem is the previous value of the filter not the new value.
    After the RPG program returns success i then execute a filter widget to load up the form.
    The filter is set using a drop down.
    In developer tools I am seeing 2 filter values: filter_F1.UNSRCSYS: APOLLO and filter_UNSRCSYS: OMS.
    APOLLO is the prior value of the filter and OMS is the new value of the filter.
    In dev tools, when the event program is called 'VSF205P001', the ParmSourceSystem value is APOLLO not OMS.
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    Hi Paul,

    How many filters do you have on your grid?

    The "filter_" you see in developer tools is any active filters that have a value so it's like you have two filters one "F1.UNSRCSYS" and "UNSRCSYS".

    I think it would be best to send an email to support and we can get on an online meeting because I think it would end up being a lot of back and fourth via the forums.



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      Ok, I will send this to support. Because there are multiple filters, but only one for column F1.UNSRCSYS.


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        Unfortunately this is a bug and will be fixed in the next 6.1 update