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    I'm trying to create a generic URL app to handle all of my User Help Documents associated with my apps....

    I have this entry in my URL App as the path to point to the appropriate network folder: //mbifilsrv4:9092/Apollo/

    I want to simply pass in the document name, but it doesn't seem to work....

    If I put the doc name as the Parameter name on the Launch Behavior, it appends an = and thus fails to find the doc. If I put it as the parameter value, NAB won't save it since there's no parameter name. If I just type a blank as the parameter name, it embeds the blank in the URL of the launch and also fails.

    I get around all this but just creating a new URL app each time, but this doesn't seem right. Is there a way to accomplish what I'm looking for?



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    Hi Dan,

    If I understand correctly we would recommend creating an app variable that is set to pull from a URL parameter. Then link that app variable to the URL Widgets URL property.

    When launching the application set the URL parameter to you full URL "//mbifilsrv4:9092/Apollo/myDoc.pdf"

    I do see one limitation which is that you have to pass the full URL each time. I will add a feature request for the URL Widget so that you could set the default URL on the widget and just append to the default URL an app variables value.

    Hope that helps


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      i think i get it --- so it's not a URL app, it's just a standard app with a URL widget.... correct??

      i'll give it a try