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NAB stuck in "loading" state

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  • NAB stuck in "loading" state


    We created a Print Settings app that has two widgets, one being a form that accepts information and the other a gird widget set as a popup that linked with the form widget as a lookup for a form field. After getting some initial feedback from the team, I went back into NAB to try configuring the form widget to be a popup like the grid widget in hopes to make it look more like a helper app being launched over whatever app it's called from (i.e. a data logging app that will call on the Print Settings app to print off reports).

    In the event of making that change, it caused NAB to bug out and stay in the "Loading" phase of the NAB launch sequence to edit the app. If someone were to open the app, it would display a blank view with a header. We'd tried killing my session and closing the browser, able to see the uncaught exception length = null, exporting app into a different instance to see if there was other factors involved, and it's still stuck on the "Loading" state with no way of modifying the app back to what we previously had.

    The whole purpose of trying this was to shrink the form widget to not be fullscreen without producing excess space around it like you can with the width and height fields for a widget section and again emulate this app over the app it's being called on.

    Is there a way to return the original app back to what it previously was before getting stuck in "Loading" in NAB ?

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    Please reach out to to schedule an online meeting so we can take a closer look.