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Edit Grid Update Issue

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  • Edit Grid Update Issue

    On the display I have 3 panels, at the bottom is a edit grid. One of the columns on the edit grid is a inline data drop down.
    When the dropdown is selected and selected the update/cancel button appears.
    Select update, the program VVDATASRC updates the table properly. But the 1st panel display gets reset?
    I believe this is a valence issue and not a button or helper program issue.

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    You must be explicitly telling your other widget (1st panel) to refresh. I would guess maybe through an app variable?


    • #3
      Not all of the 1st panel is resetting, only a few columns?

      I put a button in the row to toggle this column "Y" "N" and it works fine with no reset of the 1st panel.

      I commented out all the "refresh" commands in the button and helper programs and it still resets the 1st panel?

      The "Update" in the edit grid is resetting the 1st panel.
      Where else should I be looking?


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        Is your "1st panel" linked to an app variable for the "Refresh" property?


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          I checked the 1st panel linked and there are no app variables for refresh property.
          Actually there are no refresh property for the 1st panel.


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            Unfortunately, I am not sure what you're experiencing since all widgets have the refresh property. Please email support and we can get on an online meeting;