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Permanent dashboard and timeouts

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  • Permanent dashboard and timeouts

    We are a new Valence shop and are about to build our first true business application.
    We will be a dashboard for our manufacturing users.
    It is intended to show work order information and will be on a permanent monitor visible throughout a particular manufacturing area.
    It will auto-refresh every so many seconds.

    I suspect someone will have to log into Valence on a machine attached to the big wall monitor. But how do we keep the dashboard going all day, and possible across multiple shifts, without it being knocked off by the lock timeout or the kill timeout?

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    Unfortunately after looking into this, we don't currently have a way to stop the lock however in the next Valence 6.0 update it will look for a parameter of "autoLock". If autoLock is passed with a value of false the application will not lock.

    As for the killing of the session, if you're application is auto-refreshing then that resets that timer so you should be just fine