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Tab key will not cycle back through form fields twice

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  • Tab key will not cycle back through form fields twice

    I never realized this until now, my question is whether I can do anything about it. When you use Tab key on green screen, it cycles through all input cable fields. When you reach the last one on screen it simply circles back to the first field again.

    That does not happen in my apps/forms. When you get to last field on form and hit tab, the focus just disappears completely from any field. And if you keep hitting (or calling focus method), it will trigger a bug with an error you have exceeded max call stack size because it doesn't know what to do.

    The strange part is you cannot take control yourself by using the Blur event and Focus method. I have 8 fields on form (no input fields after these 8) and I use Blur event to make server call and then set focus on next field. When I get to field 8, the focus is applied back to the first field again.

    But it doesn't work. Strangely, it sets focus on the 2nd field. If you specify the 2nd field, it sets on the 3rd. Then it really gets weird, if you keep tabbing, it will just error out with the max call stack error. Has to be some core extjs bug.

    Has anyone found a technique to accomplish what I'm trying to do?


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    Just a note I'm not even getting uniform results I described above. In some simple case, the tab key cycles around just fine, no problems. In others, it does not. I'm trying to determine now if makes difference used in a Window versus something bound directly to viewport (card layout).

    And it appears it will not trigger the max call stack error unless you are specifying a focus() method. Even in my 8 test field form (in a window), I discovered it will cycle around with tab key without causing the max call stack after I removed trying to have field 8 set focus on field 1. Strangely, you have to hit tab 3 times, then you will see focus go to Save button, then back through the 8 fields again.

    Got to be an extjs bug. I can use this workaround of not having field 8 set focus on 1. But if anyone has a solution, please let me know.


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      Seems to make no difference whether Window or Viewport. For most part it seems to work, even though it's not clear sometimes exactly what it is focusing on. But it eventually makes it back to top of form again.

      I'll post back if learn anything useful on this.