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Startup program running after startup

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  • Startup program running after startup

    Hello, I have a startup program that clears and inserts data into a file for a data source.
    I was debugging it because of a weird error and I noticed that the startup program gets called after startup. I have a grid on the data source and a column icon. When a user clicks the icon, the grid is filtered. However, I noticed that the startup program gets called again. Is this normal? It is slowing down my app and I feel the second call is unnecessary. The behavior I have on the icon click is hide/show widget and filter widget. I didn't expect the start-up program to get called there.
    I'm on version 6.0.20210818.0

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    I am not entirely clear when you say "the startup program gets called after startup".
    The program that you specify as your startup program should only take place once.

    So when you click an icon column on your grid you are seeing that it is calling the startup program again?


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      Exactly. I put my program into debug and watch it run when my app is first clicked on. Then, if I click a column icon that is tied to a behavior, (a simple behavior, hide current grid widget, and then show a different one with a filter), the program kicks off again and it takes a good chunk of time to load the next widget. Before the startup program, opening that second widget took almost no time.
      I'm not sure why the startup program gets called again. It shouldn't right?


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        Something sounds very wrong here....please reach out to so we can arrange an online meeting to take a look.


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          Update! Resolved.
          I forgot I had this startup program set up as an execution program for the data source.
          That's why it was getting kicked off when I went to another widget that used my data source.
          Always check where your program is being used.