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Valence Portal Mobile App - Apps Don't Load

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  • Valence Portal Mobile App - Apps Don't Load

    I was trying out the Valence Portal Android App. I am connecting directly through wifi, and I am able to get logged in fine and see the available list of applications, but when I choose any of them (including even the errors page or portal admin), the screen darkens, and the spinner comes up and text saying "Loading", but no application loads.

    There are no errors in the valence errors page...

    How can I debug what the issue is?

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    We will soon be deprecating the "Valence Portal" app for both Android and IOS.

    We have a new Android version that you can now install. It is named "Valence Mobile" (as opposed to "Valence Portal"). You can install it by searching for it on Google Play or use the link below:

    Both apps (Valence Portal and Valence Mobile) can be installed at the same time since they are separate and distinct apps.


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      Thank app works! Thanks Sean!