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  • Exporting apps

    Why am I getting this message all the time?

    One or more widgets on this app have changed. You must re-save the application prior to attempting to export.

    I brought the app up, saved it, exported it, then chose export a second time without doing anything else, certainly not changed any widgets, and I get it again. I've noticed every app I ever tried to export I get that message every single time....

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    So you receive that message on a specific application, then saved that application and successfully exported it. Then right away you attempted it export it again and received that message?


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      Yup! Right now I've got about 30 apps out there and on every SINGLE one of them if I do Export, Save File I get that message. Apps where I know for a fact no widget has changed. I promoted 2 apps to production yesterday, did the re-save thing, had a little issue with my save files, did the Export Save File again, and got the message again. Today if I go into those same 2 apps, same thing. Just a minute ago I did an export on an app twice and that time I didn't get the re-save message. I don't know what condition this thing is looking at. It's not a big deal. It's minor,.Major. ;)


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        This should be resolved for the next update.