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Form only shows with behavior Load Data

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  • Form only shows with behavior Load Data

    I created a form that will be shown after clicking a button in a grid.

    This form uses a Form Helper program. While in NAB this program works fine.

    As soon as I change the load behavior of the form from 'Load Data' to 'Keep Data' or 'Reset/Clear all fields' the form doesn't load anymore. (See screenshot)

    As soon as I remove the 'Form Helper' program from the form all load behaviors are working.

    The functionality I want to build:
    Start the from every time (without leaving the app) with the fields empty and the formRenderer executed.

    I am on 6.0.20210610.0 with 2 hotfixes applied.
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    Hi Theo -

    What option do you have set for your form helper? Call at form render, form render and change field, form render and change and blur field?

    Also, when you see the blank form screen, do you see any network calls being made? Is it calling your form helper program? If so, are you getting a response?


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      Hi Sean,

      After upgrading to 6.0.20210818.0 this behavior is changed and the form shows as expected.
      I have another issue now but that seems to be my helper program.