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vvUtility_Log - some questions on usage

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  • vvUtility_Log - some questions on usage

    I'd like to use vvutility log, in some (non)-valence programs that are used for transferring and exchanging data between 2 different systems..

    I would like to log the events,

    1) unless i've overlooked, but i couldn't find any App that is exploiting the vvGenlog Db, is this correct?

    2) is there some 'cleanup' procedure foreseen for this vvgenlog?

    3) could it be wise to use vvutility_logError instead of the vvutility_log ??

    i could of course also create my own log files, but it would be nice to centralize all loggings in 1 central place..

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    Hi Thierry,

    1) Currently there isn't an app to look at the contents of VVGENLOG - we typically use Nitro File Editor to peruse it. But that's a good idea to have a dedicated app for that file - we'll add that to our list for future features. In the meantime you could probably create a quick NAB data source and grid widget over it.

    2) There is already an automatic cleanup procedure for VVGENLOG, controlled in Portal Admin > Settings > Log Settings > "Days to retain VVGENLOG information" (default is 14 days).

    3) vvUtility_logError could be used as well, but the parameters you must pass it are a bit more involved -- see the API doc for details on vvUtility_log versus vvUtility_logError. Note that VVERRLOG has its own retention threshold value in Log Settings.

    I should mention that both procedures are intended to work inside a CGI job routed through the Valence Portal. I wouldn't recommend trying to call these from standard non-CGI batch or interactive jobs, as they would likely throw some strange errors on the Apache API calls they use to pull in the Valence session ID, etc.


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      hI Robert,

      thx for this info..

      since this is to be used in a non-cgi environment,
      i guess i will write an own procedure..


      thx for this info