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    New to Nitro Query...

    I have an SQL view setup for the specific columns/data I want to work with to create a dashboard using Nitro Query.

    I would like to define one data source with mulitple widgets, allowing each widget to filter based on a field value. Is that possible? Or is this designed to be accomplished at the data source layer?

    Also, is there a way to "copy" a data source and/or widget?

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    You can add user filters directly on the widgets however that means the data from the data source isn't filtered unless the user chooses to do so. Sounds like you want to have the base filter for a data source different for each widget that is connected to it. If that is true, that is not currently available. However, that item is in our Nitro Query feature queue to add in the future.

    You can have multiple data sources that are the same however just have different filters to accommodate this.

    Currently you cannot copy a data source/widget however that is another item in our feature queue.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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      Ok... so I'm on the right page.

      Adding user filters is fine... but how do I get the filters to display the available values from the data source?

      Sorry for all the questions... the new documentation doesn't seem to be available yet.