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Architect gives black screen on save to IFS share

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  • Architect gives black screen on save to IFS share

    Architect operates correctly when creating and saving a project to C:, however when I load from or save to the IFS the app displays a black screen and ceases to operate. The project does save correctly though. I set up the shared drive as shown in the Valence Architect setup video.

    I have updated to the latest video driver and I attempted a work around by starting Architect with switches --disable -gpu but this did nothing.

    Architect 3.5.1
    Window 7 Enterprise (64 bit)
    intel HD Graphics Family v10.18.14.4432


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    I recently upgraded from Architect 3 to 3.5.1

    I cannot open any of my projects created with the previous version - same symptoms you are seeing (they are stored on the IFS). Support indicated that this is an issue some are experiencing with the new version.

    Not sure when we may have a resolution.


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      We're aware of the issue with Architect 3.5 and IFS access through Windows with a mapped drive. We're working with Sencha to find a solution.

      In the interim, there are two workarounds we can suggest: (1) save the XDS file on your local PC, then copy the main app folder to the IFS; or (2) use a commercial product like ExanDrive to map to your IFS using SSH, in which you'll need to start the service on your IBM i via STRTCPSVR SERVER(*SSHD).

      We will update this thread when we have a permanent resolution.


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        ExpanDrive seem to work very well.