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    What is this temporary value and can I change it? We have a set standard that all new or existing users get as a signon password. We also set it to expired. I'm hoping that is what is meant by temporary. We don't use the IBMi SMTP server for email, so I can't see what is sent. I'll be using an exit program.


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    The temporary password that is emailed from that page is specific to Valence. It does not update anything in the IBM i profile, has a limited lifespan (default is 2 hours) and can only be used once. It just serves as a gateway to get past the initial login screen so the user can subsequently change their password, subject to your own rules.

    If you have another mechanism for sending email from your IBM i system, you should create an exit program to supersede the SMTP call and use your own command instead. This can be done by creating a Valence exit program modeled after the EXEXITPGMM template in QRPGLESRC. Be sure to specify the compiled program name in Portal Admin > Settings > Exit Programs > "VVMAIL, pre-processing".