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    Could we use a Web Server on a separate machine to connect to the Valence system on the iSeries?

    We're looking to create a Web application specifically for our partners but the network security guys are nervous about putting the iSeries on the internet.

    They were suggesting having a separate Windows machine acting as the Web server (or even Apache on Linux) in a separate sub-network called the DMZ and to then point that to the iSeries which is in the secured part of the (local) network.


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    Yes definitely. You can set up a reverse proxy whereby your Windows or Linux machine handles all direct communication with the end user on the outside of your network. You then set up your AS/400 Apache server so it's only available on the internal network and from the proxy server you set up on the Internet or DMZ zone. All other direct traffic is denied or inaccessible through your firewall. This is very secure and many of our customers have this setup. CNX can assist you with configuring this if you need help.