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NAB textarea field -> cr/lf

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  • NAB textarea field -> cr/lf

    i have a NAB form with a text-area field, where multiple lines (by using the enter key.. ) can be entered..

    In the RPG call that is used for saving the data into the file, i'm using the vvin_json- procedure

    in the debug from the browser, i see the Json-string being sent, has "\n" as the CR/LF character..

    However in RPG.. as a result of the the vvin_json, the lines are showing just the "n"
    f.e i send 'line1\nline2' but after the vvin_json, in rpg, i'm receiving line1nline2 (the "" is missing)

    i noticed that in file on the iseries itself, should normally contain the X'25' as the CR/LF character.

    Can someone help in describing the best practice in handling CR/LF from within NAB?

    thx in advance

    i'm using
    PHP Code:
    vvIn.fieldName 'COMMENT';
    vvIn.totalSize = %size(dsComment:*all);
    vvIn.elementSize = %size(dsComment);
    numElements vvIn_JSON(vvIn:%addr(dsComment));
    ii1 to numElements;
    gParm_Comment dsComment(ii);

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    Hi Thierry -

    How is the data for your textarea field being passed down from the browser? I assume that it is passing it down as one long string and not as a JSON object, correct? If so, vvIn_json would not be the appropriate method to retrieve the data. It would be vvIn_char.


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      Hi Sean,

      that's the problem.. we're using the standard NAB ...
      which sends all data back to iseries in array ...[Rowxxx]

      what is the best way to retrieve this data in a RPG so that it doesn't lose the CR/LF (or \n) info...




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        Hi Thierry -

        I assume that you are using the EXNABBTN template, correct? If so, the GetFormChar procedure.

        d lComment        s         500a
          lComment = GetFormChar('COMMENT');
          // this will return the contents with the line feed hex code (x'25')
          //  if you want to convert this to something else before saving to the database you can
          //   use %scanrpl and use the Valence provided "LF" (line feed constant)
          lComment = %scanrpl(LF:'\n':lComment);


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          indeed Sean... we were tried to achieve it with the standard VV_in procedures which was not giving the correct result...

          thx a lot for pointing is to the correct solution.., it is now working as we want it to...