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Returning from a grid widget to several source grid widgets

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  • Returning from a grid widget to several source grid widgets

    I have this situation:
    • 1 main grid, with header information (A)
    • 1 sub grid containing cost details (B)
    • 1 sub grid containing the cost type summary (C)
    Both sub grids are called from the main grid.

    I would like to add a call from 1 of the subgrids (C) to the other (B)
    The only problem I have is that I do not know where to return to from C (to A or B)

    Is there a way to accomplish this?

    Kind regards, Theo

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    Hi Theo -

    I am not clear on this. So when the main grid has a row clicked, you filter/show your 2 sub grids, correct?

    Are you then saying you want the user to be able to click grid C to change the results of grid B?


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      Hi Theo -

      Disregard my previous post as we think we understand your question.
      Let me know if this is correct....

      You have 3 sections in your application...lets' call them A, B, and C.

      From A, you may go directly to B or C.

      From B, you may go to C.

      How do you know what section to go back to when you are in C. You may want to go back to section B or A depending on how you arrived at C, correct?



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        Yes, thats correct.
        Kind regards, Theo


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          Hi Theo -

          As of now, unfortunately the best approach would be to create 2 buttons:
          • A back button that goes back to Section "A"
          • And another back button that goes back to Section "B"
          When the user clicks from "A" to "B", show the button that goes back to "B" and hide the one that goes back to "A" (via Hide/Show Widgets).

          And then hide/show the opposite buttons when the user clicks to go from "A" to "C".

          We are discussing a better approach for a future update.


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            Hi Sean,
            Thanks for this suggestion. It works for me.
            Kind regards, Theo