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How to get Valence User No?

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  • How to get Valence User No?

    Hi Guys, I have an actual Valence question for a change. I'm trying to use vvSecure_isMember, which I've used a million times to see what security group the logged in user is in. I use vvUtility_getCurrentUser with no parms to get logged in user, then feed that to vvSecure command. getCurrentUser returns a 64a varying.

    The twist here is I am pulling a i5 Userid (same as Valence Id here) from a file, I want to check vvSecure_isMember with that User. But vvSecure wants a User Id number, not the User Id. How do I get that to feed isMember?

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    Hi Terry,

    You'd probably need to go directly at the VVUSERS file to get that Valence ID. i.e.,
    select vvusrid into :valenceID from vvusers where vvibmiuser=:ibmiUser;


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      I am adding a link to the documentation for vvUtility. Find getCurrentUser and you will see that you can pass it additional parameters to get what you are looking for. In your case, I believe you just need to pass one additional parameter.



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        Hi Terry -

        Don't want to add any confusion, I misunderstood your original post. getCurrentUser would not be helpful in your case.


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          Yeah that will work fine, Robert, thank you! I see you even have a LF (VVUSERS3) with IBM i5 Id as key. That opens door to RPG CHAIN also. Take care!