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  • EXECSQLTOSS timeout

    Using the download to Excel button (vvOut_execSQLtoSS) in an app created using Nitro Auto Code. The data source is complex. I have the result set on my screen, but when I attempt to download
    I get the following error - I'm guessing it takes longer than 60 seconds to retrieve the dataset? How can i fix this?
    Program: VVRMTDB Statement:
    Module: VVRMTDB Message ID: VV00068
    Message Text:
    Timeout encountered during processing of remote database command
    Help Text:
    No response was found in data queue VV156544O within timeout value of 60 seconds. If job VRMT156544, which is responsible for processing remote DB calls and populating the data queue, is no longer running then you must restart the VALENCE52P server instance before any more remote DB commands can be processed. If the job is running then there may be an excessive delay in processing the remote DB request on the remote server (mode=EXSQL).
    Valence Login ID:
    IBM i User:
    Job Number:
    Calling Program:
    Call Stack:
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    So your remote SQL takes over a minute to process? Can you confirm that your VRMT156544 job is not in MSGW?

    Unfortunately there is no override to the 60 second timeout, though we could add that as a setting in the next release. That said, a minute is a pretty long time for a user to wait for a response. Have you tried creating indexes on the destination server to make it process the statement faster?


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      Robert... yes. We have MSGW on VRMT<jobnbr> each time this happens:

      Message ID . . . . . . : RNQ0202 Severity . . . . . . . : 99
      Message type . . . . . : Inquiry
      Date sent . . . . . . : 04/16/20 Time sent . . . . . . : 09:19:39

      Message . . . . : The call to BATCHPROCE ended in error (C G D F).
      Cause . . . . . : RPG procedure VVRMTDB in program VALENCE52P/VVRMTDB at
      statement 025100 called program or procedure BATCHPROCE, which ended in
      error. If the name is *N, the call was a bound call by procedure pointer.
      Recovery . . . : Check the job log for more information on the cause of the
      error and contact the person responsible for program maintenance.
      Possible choices for replying to message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
      D -- Obtain RPG formatted dump.
      S -- Obtain system dump.
      G -- Continue processing at *GETIN.
      C -- Cancel.

      If i look at the joblog, I can see:

      Job . . : VRMT224343 User . . : QTMHHTTP Number . . . : 224914

      >> CALL PGM(VVRMTDB) PARM('BATCH' 224343 ' ' 'VALENCE52P')
      Data area VVCONTEXT created in library QTEMP.
      Data area VVOUTBUFF created in library QTEMP.
      Receiver value too small to hold result.
      Function check. MCH1210 unmonitored by VVRMTDB at statement 0000051800,
      instruction X'0000'.
      The call to BATCHPROCE ended in error (C G D F).


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        Hmm, that's peculiar. You can go ahead and kill those MSGW jobs. I would also suggest you restart your VALENCE52P server instance (easiest way from a command line is to do ADDLIBLE VALENCE52P followed by VVSTART).

        We just released a new 5.2+ build last night, could you please download that, update your VALENCE52P instance and then try it again? If it's still blowing up let us know and we'll get on a web meeting with you to have a closer look.