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Portal Dilemma with App Store

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  • Portal Dilemma with App Store

    Due to the impact of the corona hysteria, employers are preparing for employees to work from home. Some of the employers are paranoid about allowing 5250 access to employees from home.

    To relieve their fears, I suggested using two-factor authentication and began to implement. Everything seemed like it would work great until,,,,
    I ran into a Portal dilemma I cannot figure out how to get around.

    My approach was simple.

    Make an app that requests access
    Send the user a text message with the two-factor authentication code
    validate the code entered
    if valid - add a record to VVUSRAUTH making the user a member of a group with access
    launch the app
    remove the record from VVUSRAUTH

    After researching why the app will not launch, tt appears Valence.util.App.launch() checks the app store that was loaded into the portal during login. Hence, the app id I'm trying to launch won't launch because it does not exist.

    That being said, I know that when I authorize users to apps in Portal Admin, the app magically appears on their desktop. I'm thinking this is done during the vvport call. Not sure since it just returns "ok". But something is refreshing the app store.

    So I'm wondering if I can call "that something" in my app that will refresh the app store in the user's portal? If not any suggestions on how to make this work?


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    In your program, after it has added the record to VVUSRAUTH, you want to signal the user's session's to reload. You should be able to do it like this:
    usrid=[the numeric Valence user ID who is being authorized];
    exec sql update vvsessdata
             set vvnextpoll='RELOAD'
             where vvusird=:usrId;


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      Perfect!!! Thanks!