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Additional columns in download excel from gris widget

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  • Additional columns in download excel from gris widget

    We are using the default excel download functionality from the grid widget. We would like to add additional columns to the excel sheet. What is the best way to accomplish this? We need to respect the active filtering of the widget.

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    Hi Theo,

    The spreadsheet will only contain columns that are in the grid and that are not hidden at the time the user clicks the download button.

    You could add a button to the widget that calls your own custom RPG program that would manually create the custom spreadsheet and return it. The button call always passes a detail param that is a JSON object containing information about the widget its on "filter string, widget id, etc".

    Your RPG program could use vvOut_execSQLtoSS to run an SQL statement, generate the spreadsheet and return it to the front-end.