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Valence Mobile app Date Selector Issue

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  • Valence Mobile app Date Selector Issue

    I built an app using Nitro Auto-Code and then updated the theme to Neptune Touch. When I did that the date selectors still work in the Valence Desktop app, but the Mobile app doesn't seem to receive the dates selected in the mobile app. Also, the Date column doesn't return dates in the date field when data is returned. Do you know what causes this to occur? Also, Is there a way to direct a mobile device to login to the Valence destop instead of the mobile app?

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    If you don't update the application to use the Neptune theme and use the base theme do you experience the same issue? No, the mobile device needs to download the Valence Mobile Portal application from the iOS/Google Play Store. Thanks


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      Thanks for the update Johnny. I converted the App back to a "Neptune" Theme to retest. The date picker now works correctly, Also, the input prompts also seem to respond correctly now as well. Should I not use "Touch" themes with Valence? Is there a way to get the dates to display on the Mobile in Valence? Below is an example of desktop and mobile screens using the same app and backend.

      Hustler Pay Inquiry (Valence Desktop).jpg
      Hustler Pay Inquiry (Valence Mobile).jpg
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