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Problems after upgrading to V7R4

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  • Problems after upgrading to V7R4


    After upgrading to V7R4 we have several problems:

    The 1st issue we discovered was that normal users, (No IBM i profile, only member of group "CUSTOMERS") can signon but see an empty desktop.

    In the HTTP server jobs I receive messages like

    Bericht . . . . : Function error X'0306' in machine instruction. Internal
    dump identifier (ID) 01000126.

    Cause . . . . . : The machine instruction that was running failed. Time
    stamp is 02/12/19 10:57:05, error code is X'0306', error class is 0, device
    number is X'0000'. The error class indicates how the damage was detected:
    0000-unspecified abnormal condition;

    Followed by

    Bericht . . . . : User-defined function error on member KLTBES.

    Oorzaak . . . . : An error occurred while invoking user-defined function
    VVIN_CHAR in library WEBPORTAL. The error occurred while invoking the
    associated external program or service program VVSRVPGM in library
    WEBPORTAL, program entry point or external name VVIN_CHAR, specific name
    VVIN_CHAR. The error occurred on member KLTBES file KLTBES in library
    LUDODTA. The error code is 2. The error codes and their meanings follow:
    1 -- The external program or service program returned SQLSTATE 00000. The
    text message returned from the program is: .
    2 -- The external program failed before it completed.

    While editing one datasource in the Nitro App builder, step 7 doesn't show anything and don't show a save button.

    While saving an app, I receive the message
    Server Error

    This is a production environment!

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    Hi Theo,

    We'll connect with you on-line to have a closer look. If you're not already on the IBM i OS 7.3+ version of Valence 5.2+ you should probably download that now. Our previous testing on 7.4 was using that version.