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CGIJobCCSID in Valence 5+

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  • CGIJobCCSID in Valence 5+

    We have upgraded from Valence 3.2 to Valence 5.1 and are running into some issues around the CGIJobCCSID.

    In the Valence 3.2 HTTP config file there were entries to set the CGIJobCCSID for certain calls, such as the one below:
    <Location /valence>
    CGIJobCcsid 37
    This seems to be missing in Valence 5.1, which is causing issues when we are building up JSON to send with vvOut_buffer. It causes '[' to be replaced with '^'.

    I have fixed this issue by copying the "Location" entry into the Valence 5.1 HTTP config file.

    We are wondering if there is new way to prevent this issue now with Valence 5.1? As the Location entries are no longer in the HTTP config.

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    The CGIJobCcsid directive should not be applied in Valence 5+ because the CGI job should just take on the CCSID of the system to run properly. There's probably something else going on besides that. It would be helpful to see your code building up the JSON. Can you email that to or post it here? It could also be a compile option if you're compiling on one system CCSID and running on another. Check that you're compiling SQLRPG source with LANGID(*JOBRUN).


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      Hi Richard.

      I know it has been a while since I updated this post, we had been using the "Location" entries as a workaround when using Valence 5.1 but these seem to have stopped working for Valence 5.2.

      I will email over the programs in question to
      I have also attached a screenshot of the issue. We are getting "£" symbols in place of "[".